Let’s Talk About Guys, Girls and Sex by Swati Shome

Book Name- Let’s Talk About Guys, Girls and Sex.

Author- Swati Shome

Publisher- Jaico Publishing House

Buy it from- Amazon


A Modern Approach to Sex Education

SEX is NEVER an EASY SUBJECT to talk about. And that, perhaps, is why most people KNOW so LITTLE about it. LET’S TALK about GUYS, GIRLS and SEX takes a LIGHT-HEARTED yet ILLUMINATING STANCE and starts a very IMPORTANT DIALOGUE.

The journey from teenage to adulthood is often the most daunting. And to make it even more complicated, there is heaps of seldom-verifiable information online. Can you catch AIDS by having lunch with a HIV positive friend? What is an erection? Is this love or just lust? What are the different contraceptives available in the market? How does one get pregnant?

Targeted at young adults and their parents, each chapter starts with a story that makes the topic easy to relate to. Author Swati Shome uses her years of experience with young adults to open the channels of communication. Everything you need to know about the mystery that surrounds sex lies within these pages.


My view:

After reading the title- ‘Let’s Talk About Guys, Girls and Sex’- people might think that the book is all about porn. The same thing happened to me but my opinion changed as soon as I read the author’s note at the beginning. In this note, the author, Swati Shome, clearly states that this book has no porn in it and if people pick this book up thinking that, they’ll be disappointed. So there you are guys. This book is not about porn. Its just a modern approach to Sex Education.

Swati Shome is a cell biologist which makes her experienced and capable enough to share information on pressing matters such as sex, human anatomy, contraceptives, STDs and other necessary things. She accomplished this great job in a rather interesting way.

The book, divided into 7 parts, deals with the most important and much needed sex education, required by both teenagers and adults alike. Today it has become important to understand how certain things happen or how certain things need to be done and this book is a perfect guide for that. This book is also helpful for adults who have no idea what to say when their kids ask a sex related question.

The seven parts of the book are: The Basics, All About the Outside, Trouble At Hand?, Raging Hormones, Think! It’s Your Future, It’s All About People, and finally, Lure in the Net! These seven sections describe not only the basic details about sex and contraceptives, but also talks about the different ways to protect themselves in this world from many harmful things like cyber bullying, general bullying, fake online persons, etc. Each chapter of this book deals with a significant issue and covers all the basics starting from how you should breach the topic of sex with your parents/your students to how does it look and what are the troubles that you may face (the hormonal issues); it’s about the people, about what happens and how the internet is responsible about it.

The way the book has been written is very lucid and every single kind of a person will be able to read it without having a problem. I also love the fact that there are helpline numbers given at the end of the book.

In a nutshell though, this book shall prove to be quite useful to the people who buy it and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to educate themselves on a serious topic with a simple read.

Overall rating: 4/5

I received a copy of this book for an honest, unbiased opinion. Thank you Jaico Publishing House for the copy of the book.

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  1. Rohini Chakravarti · July 6, 2018

    Great review!


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